He Came Back

Alexander was a young pilot. When the Great Patriotic War began, he was serving in the Army. He had a young wife, Mary by name. Alexander and Mary loved each other dearly and were very happy.
One day Alexander got an order to go to the front. On the day when he was leaving he said to his wife, "Wait for me, and I'll come back."
Some time later Mary went to work at a plant. Many weeks passed, but she didn't hear from her husband anything. She missed him badly but she always remembered his words. At last she received a letter. It was from her husband's commander. He wrote that the Germans had killed her husband. But Mary did not believe it. She thought, "He said he would return. 1 am sure he is alive."
And her dream came true. Alexander was not dead. One day his plane was shot down and he had to land on the enemy's territory. Soon he became a partisan. He knew that his wife was waiting for him and that gave him much strength. So once he knocked at the door of his flat. "You've come back. You have kept your promise," said Mary crying with joy.
Economy Wasted Trip
An Englishman who was in France wanted to go back to England by sea. But he had very little money. He had so little money that he could pay only for the ticket. As he knew that the trip would last only two days, he decided not to eat during these days.
As he took a ticket and got on the ship the next morning, he tried not to hear the bell for breakfast. When dinner time came, he was very hungry, but he didn't go to the dining-room. In the evening he was still more hungry, but when the waiter came to invite him to have supper, the Englishman said that he was ill.
The next day the Englishman was half-dead and couldn't stand the hunger any longer. "I shall go and even if they kick me out into the sea," said he to himself. So he went to the ship dining-room and had his dinner. In the evening he had supper but was very much afraid of his future because he didn't pay for the meals. At last he addressed the waiter and said: "Bring me the bill, please." "What bill?" asked the waiter. "For the supper and dinner I had in your dining-room." "Don't trouble, Sir. You paid for your meals when you bought the ticket."
A Forgetful Tourist
An English tourist came to Paris. It was his first visit there. On the same day he sent a telegram to his wife who was in London. In the telegram he told her the address of the hotel where he was going to stay. He also told her that he was quite well.
As he was in Paris for the first time, he was very eager to see the places of interest. After dinner he went for a walk and then decided to go to the theatre to see a new play. It was very late when the play was over. It was time to go home.
But at that moment he realized that he couldn't get to the hotel: he didn't remember either the name of the hotel or the address. The Englishman was at a loss because he didn't know what to do. Suddenly he remembered sending that morning a telegram to his wife. So, late at night his wife got a very strange telegram: "Please, send me my address at once."
A Dumb Wife
Once there was a man whose wife was dumb, and this made him very sad because he loved her very dearly. After some time he went to see a doctor and said, "Can you make my wife speak?" "Perhaps I can," said the doctor, "the operation is difficult, but if I try, I'll do my best." "Of course, you may try," said the husband, "I'll bring her tomorrow."
The next day the doctor made the operation and the dumb wife began to speak. She spoke so much and so loudly that in a few hours her husband ran back to the doctor and said, "Can you make my wife dumb again?" "No," said the doctor. "There are many ways to make a dumb woman speak, but no ways to make a woman stop talking." "What must I do?" said the man, "I shall soon die if I have to listen to her all day long." "Well," said the doctor, "I can't make her dumb, but I can make you deaf and you will not have to listen to her." "Very well," said the man,"you may do so. It'll be better than the other way.

Two Gifts

Jim and Della were a newly married couple. They loved each other but the trouble was that they were very poor. They lived in New York in the suburbs. They had a very small room to live in.
They worked from early morning till late at night but they got very little money for their work.
And yet, they had two treasures. They were: Jim's gold watch and Della's beautiful hair.
New Year Day was coming. Della wanted to present Jim with something but she had no money for it. The thought that she could not make a present to her husband made her very unhappy. She sat down on the sofa and began to cry. Suddenly an idea struck her. She got up and went up to the looking-glass. In it she saw her beautiful long hair. Then she left the house and a few minutes later she was at a shop.
"Will you buy my hair?" she asked
. The owner looked at Della's hair and answered:
"Yes, I shall give you 20 dollars for it."
Della was very glad. She took the money and went to buy something for Jim. Soon she saw a very beautiful watch-chain. "I shall have it," she said to herself and bought it.
When she came home, Jim had already been there waiting for her. When he looked at his wife he understood everything.
"Why did you do it?" he said.
"Dear Jim, I wanted to give you a present. Here it is.
" She gave him the chain that she had bought. But he did not need that present any more. He had sold his watch to make a present to his wife. He took a package out of his pocket and gave it to Della. Opening the package Della saw two beautiful combs.
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